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Brass Abstract Ring

Brass Abstract Ring

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There’s something quite bewitching about the large abstract design, isn’t there? It flirts with the avant-garde, tipping its hat to modern artistry while weaving itself effortlessly into your everyday ensemble. Each piece, with its hammered finish, carries the essence of uniqueness — no two are alike, much like the peculiarities that make us who we are.

Picture this: it’s handmade in the sun-drenched streets of Rajasthan by Vikas, a master craftsman who learned the delicate dance of metalwork at his grandfather's knee. Vikas and his team use locally sourced brass, embedding each piece with a story of heritage and hard work. The large abstract design is more than just a ring; it's a conversation starter, a little rebellion against the mundane.

When it arrives, it gleams with a newness that we’ve come to love only after it mellows. So, the photos? They’re taken after days of wear, showing you how we truly adore it — a bit lived-in, a tad more ours. This is not just jewellery; it’s an experience, a piece of art, a slice of modernity crafted by hands that have honed their skill over generations.

Brass naturally develops a patina over time, adding character.
Embrace the patina or use a polishing cloth to maintain the original lustre.
Avoid moisture (remove before washing hands) and chemicals such as perfumes and hand sanitisers.
For stubborn tarnish, mix a small amount of mild soap with water and gently clean with a soft brush.

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