• 45 day returns

    Unworn items can be returned to us for 45 days after you receive your order, simple.

  • Easy, no extra charge returns

    Just get in touch and we will send you out another size/style the same day (if before midday) to try before returning your first item. That way you don't need to pay twice or wait for us to receive your return back, which can be slow, and together we can save money and energy by returning all items which don't suit in one go!

  • Repair Promise

    If your item has been bought within the last 2 years we will offer free repairs when we think the item has worn quicker than it should. We will also support and advise on repairs for accidental repairs, and will help with missing buttons, fabric patches and other spare parts. Just in touch!

  • Cloud Rescue

    Our buyback scheme to promote circularity in our products. Have your Wild Clouds come to the end of their life? We will take back all old Wild Clouds to repurpose or recycle and offer a £10 voucher towards a new pair. We call it Cloud Rescue!

  • Still in good condition but you don't want it?

    Why not take to a charity shop, donate to a friend or use the OWNI reselling app?

    OWNI simplifies reselling by digitising your product ownership. From there you can list items for resale with one tap on your phone, or wait for offers from OWNI's community of shoppers and sellers.

    By joining our growing community of Owners, you’re helping to build a circular fashion industry - one where clothes don’t sit idle, but stay loved.

  • Need a different size?

    We want to make our clothing as accessible and inclusive as possible. We know we can't make every size we want to due to cost restraints, so please do get in touch if you fall outside of the sizes we offer, we can discuss our bespoke options!

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