About us

Wild Clouds presents weird, wonderful and whimsical clothing sustainably made in the UK. Our slow fashion ethos rejects seasons and trends, instead creating timeless, well-made clothes that you can love forever. We use a gorgeous blend of organic cotton and linen as our signature fabric - it’s strong and planet-friendly, and super-comfortable to boot. It even softens with age! Every part of our clothes, from the buttons down to the elastics, is 100% natural, sustainable and compostable. Wild Clouds clothes pair perfectly with trainers, boots, heels… and slippers. So whether you wear them as pyjamas to bed or to brunch, you’ll look and feel a little bit magical.

Our mission.

We created Wild Clouds because we wanted more from our clothing. More sustainability, more longevity, more versatility and more accessibility.
We’re committed to slow fashion, making our seasonless clothing plastic free and 100% vegan in London and India, using the most sustainable materials and production practices we can find.
We want our garments to be thoughtful, accessible and playful, combining uniquely whimsical prints with practical silhouettes.
With our robust designs and repair promise, our ultimate goal is to create long-lived clothes, which have a positive impact on people and the planet, and make our customers feel magical for years and years.
Wild Clouds has been an independent, female-owned business since its inception in 2021.

Our story.

Disenchanted with the throwaway culture of the fashion industry she had known for years, Wild Clouds founder Franny started changing her buying habits for the better. Soon, the day came when she couldn’t find clothing that was well designed in unique prints that met her sustainability standards - so she decided to make her own. Wild Clouds was born.

Combining Franny’s love of the unusual and her disdain for boring clothes, what emerged was a micro-collection of versatile wardrobe pieces in unique, whimsical prints inspired by mythology and nature. Staying true to her principles and using her 15 years of retail supply chain experience, she conducted extensive research into local production and the most planet-friendly materials out there.

Wild Clouds clothes are made in small batches, using a beautiful blend of organic cotton and linen. They’re comfy enough for bed and fancy enough for dinner out. So whether you’re here looking for ethical loungewear, fun workwear or something for your next holiday, Wild Clouds might just have a magical outfit that can do it all.

We believe clothes should be:

  • Kind to the planet - we use only the most sustainable materials we can find, and our clothes are made of 100% natural, compostable and vegan. Our breathable fabrics require less laundering, further reducing their carbon impact. We have a commitment to be plastic free and reducing waste.
  • Kind to people - our products are made locally in south London as well as in India, by people paid a living wage. We visit our factories and examine our extended supply chains too.
  • Made to last - our clothes are made of robust materials, in timeless designs that transcend seasons and trends.
  • Versatile - our simple designs and whimsical prints lend themselves to all sorts of occasions. Our multi-use clothing makes super-comfy loungewear or PJs, and looks great out and about too.
  • Inclusive - we have the ambition to make our clothes genderless, and our styles are designed to flatter all kinds of body shapes. We offer a made to order service for requests outside of our current size range - simply get in touch.
  • Accessible - sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury. We don’t believe in huge markups, and strive to keep our clothing as affordable as possible.


wild clouds production



Our supply chains

Our journey started in South London, just a short trip away from our founder Franny also based in South London, making regular visits very easy. All the incredibly skilled workers at our factory are paid the London living wage as a minimum. While we remain committed to UK production, we've also sought an overseas partner that shares our values of transparency and sustainability, without the high London price tags. Fortunately, we've found a fantastic partner, Future Moda, a socially and environmentally responsible small business in India, recommended by a fellow UK brand.

Our focus on small batch, responsible production means we generate little to no fabric waste. The waste that we do create, we make into accessories such as our scrunchies and eye masks.

We are committed to managing our company in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. This commitment extends to the goods and services we purchase and to the choice of suppliers with whom we work.
We hold our suppliers to the same high standards of social responsibility that we hold ourselves. To ensure they recognise and uphold these standards, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct which our suppliers must adhere to and sign, our policy can be view here. We support this code by conducting supplier assessments.

We care about everyone and everything affected by our supply chain and did plenty of research to find suppliers with ethical and sustainable practices.
All our suppliers adhere to our code of conduct.

But we know we’re not perfect and always want to do even better, we continue to research the best sustainable fabrics and materials for our business.


Our incredibly soft signature fabric is made of 76% organic cotton and 24% linen. Our organic cotton is OCS certified (Organic Content Standard) and grown in Turkey. The linen is also grown in Europe.

The fabric is woven, dyed, printed and finished in Turkey by GOTs certified Altoteks, our fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® . 
See Altoteks facility GOTS certification for ecological and social responsibility here.

The factory adhere to environmental policies, employee health and safety policies and ensure people always come first. They also use professional consultancy to advise and ensure continuous improvement for their workforce. All materials and process inputs and outputs are safe for human health and the local area at all stages of product life. Electricity and power are provided by renewable wind power. Throughout the entire production process, production points are monitored in order to reduce waste and promote resource recycling and reuse. Our fabric is dyed with low impact azo-free dyes. Our latest trip to visit Altoteks was in 2022.



- made in the UK by Courtney buttons and co, from eco-friendly Coroza - a sustainably harvested material that supports communities in Ecuador.
Elastic - our elastic is made in Austria (the nearest producer we could fine). It is made from organic GOTS cotton and natural rubber which actually has a longer lifespan than conventional elastic, but eventually is biodegradable unlike conventional polyester elastic. We buy our elastic from UK company James Tailoring.
Care labels – our care labels are made from organic cotton in Turkey for our UK production and India for our India production, also using low impact azo-free dyes.

Our  jewellery

Wild Clouds Jewellery production in UK


Made from responsibly sourced brass in Birmingham, UK by Andra Jewels, a member of The National Association of Jewellers and a fully audited member of The Responsible Jewellery Council. With high levels of social, environmental and ethical standards we knew these were the best partner for us. A great small team with years of experience.



Throughout our supply chain we make every effort to reduce packaging and keep it to a minimum. All our orders are sent in compostable mailers - here's their details:

• Our mailers will biodegrade in a home compost in 3-6 months and even quicker in a commercial composting facility.

• Safe for worms, worm farms and bokashi bins.

• Any remaining self-seal strips and labels (unless specified as compostable) should be removed before composting.

AS 5810 Home Compostable
OK Home Compost
Seedling AS 4736 Industrially Compostable


We use a third part warehouse in Kent for our storage and fulfilment.

Our business practices

One of our main long-term goals is to become a circular business. Currently, we demonstrate this through avoiding waste (through careful pattern cutting and reusing our offcuts), and by making long-lived products (with robust materials and simple, timeless designs). Our repair service keeps our clothes in use for as long as possible, and once they do reach the end of their long lives, they’re fully compostable - to return to the same earth they came from.
To reach our goal of circularity, we’re actively working towards using fewer virgin materials. We want to make use of deadstock fabrics leftover from the fashion industry, as well as innovative recycled materials.
End-of-life product reclamation - send your old unrepairable Wild Clouds garments back to us and we will re-use the components we can and recycle what can't be used.


Carbon footprint

Wild Clouds is a proud member of the SME Climate Hub, a global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build more resilient businesses. Through the SME Climate Hub, we commit to lowering our impact on the environment through authentic action, achieving net-zero emissions by 2030. In making the commitment, we have joined the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.


Net-zero commitment SME Climate Hub


Whilst our mission is always to reduce carbon emissions at their source through clever design and carefully selected suppliers and processes, as part of our journey to become carbon neutral we have partnered with One Tribe. For every purchase you make, we protect 100 square meters of rainforest, read more about how this is done and how we are getting on here.

 Wild Clouds One Tribe


No touch ups
in the imagery on our website the models have had no digital enhancements made such as airbrushing to alter the way the clothes look, we love them au naturel!


Ethical Marketing
We are committed to transparent, responsible and honest marketing. We are signed up to the The Ethical Move pledge: 

  • We put the person before the sale.
  • We respect you and your privacy. We will help you make the best choice for your needs, not ours.
  • We communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly.
  • We will not confuse you or hide information from you. We will help all audiences feel welcome.
  • We take responsibility for our part in changing the marketplace.
  • We recognise the need to break the cycle of consumerism.
  • We will continuously review our sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good.
We count on you to hold us accountable. Please connect with us if you see us not honouring our pledge.


Business for people and planet
We operate in a fair and green way and we think all other companies should do this too. We seek to contribute to communities, workers and the environment, not take from them. We are a part of the Better Business Coalition, the Better Business Act which seeks to change the law so that it is no longer an option for business to pursue profit at the expense of workers, communities and the environment.

The Better Business Act would transform the way Britain does business so every single company takes ownership of its social and environmental impact.

While we already consider our clothing as unisex, we will be launching more fabrics, styles and core fits in the future. For those not covered by our sizing or who require specific adjustments, we do offer a made to order service, please get in touch at contact@wildclouds.com.
If you’d like to see yourself represented or think there’s more we could do please get in touch.