Wild Clouds Care

Washing your clothes with care

Did you know 70% of your clothes carbon footprint comes after we've made in and it's with it's owner? Here are some tips to keep your Wild Clouds lasting longer and lower their carbon footprint.

Sure, it’s easy to bundle your dirty laundry into the washing machine and hope for the best, but it’s not the smartest way to preserve the longevity of your clothes.

Avoid unnecessary washing, they aren't gymwear or underwear, so do they really need a wash? Would a spotwash work for a simple stain? Or just a hang out in the fresh air? Washing your clothes too often waste energy and can damage the fibres overtime, ultimately reducing their lifespan.

Use an ecofriendly gentle detergent, or make your own.  We recommend washing your Wild Clouds favourites inside out on a 30c cycle. Once washed, give them a good shake to reduce creases and leave to air dry. Line drying prevents shrinkage and wrinkles and is more planetary friendly, too!

To summarise:

💧Wash less
💧Spot wash
💧Use an eco detergent
💧Unbutton shirts
💧Wash on a cool wash
💧Shake and airdry