Snuggle Up in Our Organic Cotton & Linen Pyjamas

Snuggle Up in Our Organic Cotton & Linen Pyjamas


Snuggle up in our organic cotton and linen pyjamas

As the nights draw in it’s clear that the cosy season is upon and what better way to get all snuggly than in a pair of organic linen pyjamas? 

Here are some of the benefits of opting for natural fibres when it comes to your sleepwear:

Breathable and Moisture Wicking

There’s being warm and there’s being too warm - for an optimum night of sleep, you want to be just right. Our signature fabric is a medium-weight organic cotton and linen blend, which means our tops and trousers are highly breathable and moisture-wicking.

Pan on the Green Clouds trousers

This makes them perfect for keeping you cosy in the winter in the summer and easy to layer during the colder seasons. If you tend to run hot, the linen in the fabric will absorb and quickly wick any moisture away - so you won’t be left with that icky sweaty and damp feeling. The hollow fibres within the material allow for more airflow, creating a breezy feeling that keeps you comfortable and calm.


Everyone deserves at least one pair of pyjamas that fits them perfectly and makes them feel amazing. Thanks to the strength of the flax fibres within linen, it’s one of the strongest textiles in the world and with the right care can last for a very long time. 

It keeps its shape after many washes, getting softer with time for ultimate comfort. By washing at 30c and air drying your Wild Clouds Pyjamas will withstand lots of wear - making them a fantastic gift for loved ones or yourself!


Pyjamas by WildClouds

Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics, made from the flax plant it can be grown with less water and no fertilisers required to cultivate it. Even better, all parts of the plant can be used across multiple industries ensuring zero waste.

We only use OCS-certified organic cotton for five reasons: it’s biodegradable, as well as softer, more durable, less water-intensive and less polluting than conventionally grown cotton. Grown without harmful pesticides and coloured with azo-free low-impact dyes, the production of our cotton doesn’t contaminate local waterways or put farmers’ health at risk.

At the end of their life cycle, your Wild Clouds Pyjamas are totally biodegradable as well, releasing no harsh chemicals into the earth. Find out more about our sustainability impact by reading our most recent report here.


We purposefully don’t name or label our products as ‘pyjamas’ per se as we don’t believe you or your wardrobe should ever be limited by seasons, trends or quite simply how you want to wear your clothes! Our organic cotton and linen clothing has been designed to be worn your way - whether that’s in or out of the house, at events, on holiday or simply during your downtime.

Accidentally forgot to change out of your pyjama bottoms - no one will be any the wiser! Want a chic shirt to pair with jeans for a night out - we’ve got you covered!

Hypoallergenic and Anti-bacterial

If you’re someone with sensitive skin and/or allergies, linen is a fantastic choice for your sleepwear. Thanks to its antibacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-lint properties you don’t need to worry about sensitivity or the chance of any bacteria breeding. 

Timeless Aesthetics

Indigo Clouds Set

The beauty of linen is that it can be easily dyed into different shades - which really allows our funky signature prints to come into their own. Whether you love our emerald Green Clouds, our dynamic Indigo Clouds or our cheerful Sun Dance print, you can be assured that your sleepwear will be anything but boring. 

The timeless cut and silhouette created by our shirts and trousers suit many body shapes and sizes, allowing the freedom to be worn in whatever way is most comfortable to you. Be it buttoned-up, left open or rolled up, every night or even to a sleepover (get one in the diary!).

You deserve a great night’s sleep, which centres around good sleep hygiene and creating a restful environment - part of that includes what you wear. 

Why not shop our main collection now to pick out your new comfy organic cotton and linen nightwear?

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