How Our Partnership With One Tribe Supports Rainforests

How Our Partnership With One Tribe Supports Rainforests


At Wild Clouds we accept our responsibility for the health of our planet. That’s exactly why we decided to start Wild Clouds, to reduce our impact and give something back to the wider community. 

Our goal to reduce and offset our carbon emissions has been propelled by our recent partnership with One Tribe. The Tribe is helping us to decarbonise every purchase you make through Wild Clouds. Each time you spend, you'll be reducing your carbon footprint and protecting trees and habitats in safeguarded forests across the world.



How One Tribe Protects Endangered Rainforest

Our partnership with One Tribe is super simple. Whenever you placed an order, a small portion of that sale is then donated to rainforest conservation projects. One Tribe works directly with their conservation teams to support them to carry out the incredible work they are doing on the front line.

You help us save 5 trees and store nearly 1 tonne of carbon every time you buy

What is so awesome about protecting rainforest with One Tribe is the hands-on access their conservation teams have within safeguarded areas of the rainforest. They can actively protect (and sometimes even restore) parts of the rainforests which is vital for preventing  the global temperature from rising and restoring balance to the Earth’s atmosphere. 

One thing One Tribe stresses is the importance of protecting trees and species that are threatened by deforestation. Like them we fully support reforestation and tree planting practices, but the REAL impact comes from protecting what we already have. 


Why Do We Need To Protect Rainforests?

Many of One Tribes conservation projects are hosted by non-profit organisations and volunteers who rely solely on financial support in order to carry out their work.

Their challenge has always been funding, specifically steady funding that provides regular and  consistent income for these highly important projects. This is where One Tribe makes a difference. They bridge the gap between conservationists and climate activists by enabling eco-centric brands, like us, to provide consistent funding to these non-profit organisations. 

With your help, we can protect rainforest to prevent further deforestation. We can restore ecosystems and save species from the threat of extinction. Better yet, supporting rainforest conservation means we can eventually obtain enough funding for indigenous communities to gain rights to their own lands. Which effectively means indigenous peoples, land owners, farmers, and suppliers can now legally fight back for entitlement that would otherwise be taken from them by large corporations.


Achievements So Far & Goals for 2023

Since we started with One Tribe Wild Clouds has protected 515 trees! 

We have supported the funding of 9 rainforest protection projects and have contributed to the offset of over 7 million CO2 emissions.

Our goal now is to save 5000 trees in the Amazon and dramatically offset our business carbon footprint. Working with us and their wider community, One Tribe wants to enable millions of customers to buy more sustainably from climate-positive brands who share the same eco-centric mission.

In 2022, we joined One Tribe to help protect almost 11 million trees and stored over 2 million tonnes of carbon. And so far we have now worked with the Tribe to save over 78,476,936 trees, and store 7,288,023 tonnes of carbon. 

This is equivalent to 101,403 acres of the land saved and 10,107,288 car emissions removed!



We’re hand-to-hand partners with OneTribe which helps e-commerce companies like us to reduce their carbon footprint and protect endangered wildlife. We both share the vision to make a better future for all people and the planet (that includes all the animals).

What’s more exciting is One Tribe is advancing to carbon offset business emissions and help brands like ours effectively reach net-zero targets. Their latest feature will soon allow us to calculate the carbon footprint of each individual e-commerce product and help our customers lead cleaner, greener lifestyles. 

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