Workspace Headspace

Workspace Headspace

In 2020 the line between home and work became a blurry mess, and 2021 is no different. For some of us the idea of a workday spent in pyjamas was a dream come true, for others, it was a productivity nightmare. If you find the idea of a suit or even jeans in your living room vaguely barbaric, there are other ways to help you build a divide between your bed and your workday.

Essentially, the workday is now a headspace, rather than a workspace. So, unless you’re lucky (bougie!) enough to be equipped with a zen home office, it’s all about creating boundaries in your current space. We’ve found that building a block of activity between waking up, and the start of your working day works really well. 

Our favs are a morning workout and/or a wholesome breakfast. We’ve been trying to use our usual commuting time to prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast every day. We find it gives our brain a slow and stress-free start to the day, rather than jumping onto emails as soon as we open our eyes. 

Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, a yoga workout ticks all the boxes for us. It gets the adrenaline pumping, boosts your endorphins, and gives you that lovely smug feeling for the rest of the day! Not to mention the subtle flex (laundry nightmare) of being in your second outfit of the day by 9am. 

Now this is what the clouds fam are experts in - how to tread the delicate balance between a productivity boosting WFH outfit, and the plainly ridiculous feeling of being at your kitchen table in a dry-clean only ensemble.Portraits_of_Pan_product_shots-168.jpg

Made from breathable organic cotton and linen, the entire wild clouds collection can be styled as practical and fun daywear, as well as luxurious pyjamas.  Here are some ways to work your clouds loungewear into the perfect working from home look. 


The fifty/fifty look - We love the clouds shirt for its versatility and flattering shape. Pair it with your favourite leggings for the perfect balance between poise and comfort. Portraits_of_Pan_product_shots-159.jpg

The zoom-ready jacket - If your work gang is prone to impromptu catch ups, this is the look for you. We all have a jacket that was once a staple of our work wardrobe, pair it now with the clouds cami for a whimsical yet smart look you can throw together while your video call is still ringing. 

Jeans and ‘a nice top’ - Once a staple outfit combo for gals night, now just as much of a classic for WFH (sigh).  Jeans create a little structure every now and then, when you’re tired of stretchy waistbands. Tuck in a clouds shirt or cami to complete the look. 

wild clouds - Embrace WFH, a full clouds co-ord. Never underestimate the power of getting into a crisp, clean co-ord to get you in the right headspace for the day. It's got all the productive energy of a suit, but with a flare, ease and sense of fun that won’t bring back any harrowing memories of the boardroom. 


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