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Wild Clouds Loves


In this series we will talk about the independent companies we love and want to shout about and share with you. We'll aim to add a new one each month! xx

Concrete Jungle

concrete jungle collection

We were so excited when we discovered Concrete Jungle. Danny the founder hand makes concrete look pots and homeware using recycled materials, and beautiful plants to fill those pots.
Concrete as a material comes with a huge carbon footprint so Danny decided to move over from a traditional concrete mix using cement and sand to a more eco-friendly mix that he created himself. 

Etsy has their full collection and you can also browse their website.
Or checkout their instagram to see what London markets they will be in.

Stems Wilder

This month we'd love to talk about the marvellous Stems Wilder, a florist local to us in Brixton, selling eco-conscious dried and fresh flowers in store and online. I've had pink pampas and spear palms gracing my earthy pink sitting room for a couple of years now, and more recently we used dried flowers from Stems Wilder in our studio photoshoot, you will see green bunny tails, pink and purple pampas and palms bringing whimsy and pops of colour to our imagery on our website and insta (like in the image below).
What we really love are the gorgeous dried flower arrangements which can be bought online and will last years. Milena the founder has such a brilliant eye for colour and design creating vibrant contemporary arrangements inspired by the natural wilderness, which is what we love at Wild Clouds and is also what we use in our own print inspiration.

Find them at



Octō and Co

Oct and Co

Local to us in South London this recent find makes us very happy. Octō candles are 100% natural - made with soy wax, they are blended pure essential oils (no artificial fragrance oils) and cotton wicks. Not only are they super eco but we've smelt quite a few of them and can confirm they are the best smelling candles we know of! Sweater Weather is a firm favourite, made with a blend of pine, ylang ylang and clove essential oils, it's impossible to stop smelling it.
We light the candle as part of our evening wind down when changing in our Wild Clouds PJs, divine!

Find them at


Octo and Co and Wild Clouds



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