Wild Clouds Festival Outfits

Go Wild this Festival Season with Wild Clouds

It’s festival season which can only mean one thing: bold, experimental style.

At Wild Clouds, we think festival fashion should be as fun as it is comfortable so we make clothing that is both. Our versatile mix-and-match separates are perfect for raving and camping in, great for when you’re looking to pack light. Want to know what makes our clothing festival-worthy? Keep reading!


Weird and wonderful prints

It’s a hard feat standing out in a festival but our whimsical patterns should do the trick. Reminiscent of the swirling clouds of Mount Olympus, our celestial cloud print is bright emerald, making it easy for your friends to spot you in the crowd. For something more low-key, our blue beasts design has the appearance of denim and is adorned with enchanting and playful little beasts.


Wild Clouds Festival Jumpsuits


Jumpsuits without the fuss

If you’re a sucker for a jumpsuit, you also know how much it sucks fumbling around with the buttons in a portaloo while impatient festival-goers knock on the door. Luckily, our jumpsuit comes with a zip option so you can dress and undress with ease! Our boilersuit has a roomy, comfortable cut, with a half elastic at the back to give you some crucial stretch when you dance.



Shorts and cami weather

If you’re venturing abroad or chasing the sun, you’ll want to dress for the weather. Made from lightweight and breathable fabric, our shorts and cami combo is perfect for the summer. With roomy pockets, our shorts are great for travelling on the go. Plus, they double up as pjyama shorts so you can save on precious luggage space.  



A modern bohemian twist

Our kimonos were made for throwing on and making your festival outfit look effortlessly put together. With wide sleeves and a straight cut design, the fabric falls into a beautiful cocoon shaped silhouette. The fantastical print gives a new edge to Bohemian Coachella looks. 



Complete the look with matching accessories

If you’re going for extra coordination points, pair your Wild Clouds clothes with our matching zero waste accessories. All of our scrunchies, neckties and hair ties are made from factory offcuts saved during the production process. 

Go wild this festival season with Wild Clouds (and don’t forget to tag us in your pics!)

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