Dreamy Sleep Tips

Dreamy Sleep Tips

There is nothing more joyful and invigorating than a perfect night’s sleep, yet we’re all guilty of at least a few bad sleep habits. The reality is, you already know most of what I’m about to say, but you probably still don’t do a lot of it and you probably spend your time wondering why you sleep so badly. Well, hopefully this reminder helps.


What you wear while you sleep is crucial, and luckily, you already have that sorted. Wild Clouds’ cotton and linen blend combines the powerful properties of these two fabrics. Both are comforting and keep you warm when you need it, but equally, cotton is breathable and cooling, and linen provides natural moisture-wicking properties. These natural materials help you regulate your body temperature throughout the night and, as it turns out, this is pretty key to the perfect night’s sleep. And while we’re discussing pyjamas, keep them clean (though I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that!) and avoid harsh and heavily fragranced detergents on all your sleepwear and bedlinen.


The other big thing damaging our sleep is distraction. The ideal sleep environment is clean, dark (possibly with help from a Wild Clouds eye mask), quiet and tidy. I’m sure many of us fail at achieving all four at the same time. Whether it’s a heap of unorganised clothes on *that* chair, or the low buzz of mindless tv and blue light emanating from a laptop that really should’ve been left in the living room overnight, we’re all a bit guilty of allowing distractions into our sleep environment, and that’s without even mentioning your phone…


But let’s say at this point you’ve created the perfect sleep environment and your Wild Clouds are ready to go, the last little bit is really all about having a relaxing wind down process for your mind and body. Here are our suggestions:


  • Write a "to do” list for the next day, hopefully this helps prevent all those things from swirling around inside your head while you’re trying to fall asleep.
  • Have a warm, not hot, bath. This helps your body get to the ideal sleeping temperature.
  • Try some light stretches, or yoga poses.
  • Read, listen to music, an audiobook or a podcast.
  • And finally, the big one- no phones, laptops or tablets for an hour before bed. If you can avoid this temptation, you’re made of stronger stuff than me!


So, like I said at the beginning of this article, it really is simple (in theory) to set yourself up for a dreamy sleep. You just have to wear perfect pyjamas, sleep in a perfect bedroom, and avoid every temptation the 21st Century has to offer. We’ve got you covered on one, but the rest is up to you. Happy sleeping everyone! 


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