Circular Economy Initiatives - Twig and OWNI

Circular Economy Initiatives - Twig and OWNI

A circular economy is based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products to continue production or the provision of a service in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. 

Twig Pay

We are such fans of circular economy, so when we heard about TwigPay we got very excited. Based in London, Twig is a new generation, financial services B Corp built on circular economy principles.

Quite simply, you sell pre-owned fashion items and electronics (think old smart phones, that winter coat you haven't worn for years) in exchange for digital cash. Unlike selling things yourself on Depop and Ebay they take the leg work out of the selling. You just simply upload some photos and a description, they then use their extensive algorithm to provide you with a price for your item and then you get given a postage label to send it off to them. 

This gives consumers a sustainable way to pay for goods that releases value from their pre-owned items, extending their life and encouraging zero-waste consumption. 

Get the Twig App here: 


OWNI uses clever AI to help users create a digital wardrobe of the clothing items they buy with brand partners or already have in their wardrobes. This helps their user base to avoid overconsumption and to put together outfits from their existing wardrobe. When users no longer need an item that it’s in their digital wardrobe, they can list it in OWNI’s marketplace with just one tap. 

When it sells, OWNI sends you a shipping label and pays you once you’ve posted it. OWNI takes care of all the messaging, payments, returns and refunds for you. It’s free to list items on OWNI with no limits on how many items you can list. Once you sell an item, OWNI deducts 20% of the total in fees, their payment provider deducts 20p + a 3% payment processing fee.

They are working on app but you can register and start building your digital wardrobe and selling here: 

Pay with Twig or Buy and Sell with OWNI

Here at Wild Clouds, we’re really pleased to offer Twig Pay as a payment option at checkout. We want to help our customers access our clothing by unlocking the value of their unwanted clothing and encourage a circular fashion economy. 

We’re also happy to be on OWNI where users can save us to their digital wardrobe, as well as buying or selling used Wild Clouds clothing. We are proud to be part of circular economy initiatives that seek to reduce waste and encourage repurposing and reuse for the good of people and the planet! You can find out more about our sustainability and circular practices and policies here

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