5 Reasons to Shop Local

5 Reasons to Shop Local

At Wild Clouds, we’re proud to be local. By making, storing and shipping our clothes in England, we’re supporting local manufacturers with the London Living wage and minimising our carbon footprint. We also believe that local businesses need your support more than ever -  here’s 6 reasons why!


Local spending boosts the economy

When you shop at local independents, they invest that money back into the local economy, whether that’s by creating new jobs, paying fair wages or donating to charity. In fact, for every £1 spent in a small or medium-sized business, 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p for larger businesses.

Find unique, high quality items every time

Local businesses are your go-to for handcrafted items you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the high street. Where we stand out is making versatile loungewear that doubles up as pjyamas, your new favourite brunch outfit and even yoga wear! We work with talented designers to create the whimsically dreamy patterns that make us, us.

Prioritising quality over quantity, we produce our clothing in small batches and post your orders ourselves from our London warehouse (more on that later!). With our fully traceable supply chain, we can ensure every order is of the highest quality.


Versatile, stylish and comfortable clothing you can't find elsewhere


Local businesses’ customer service is unmatched 

WIld Clouds wouldn’t be the brand it is without our equally weird and wonderful customers. That’s why we’re always here to answer your order queries, provide tailored repair advice (and spare buttons!), and offer custom sizing on a made-to-order basis. Our reviews are testament to our personalised customer service and commitment to put people and the planet first.

Shopping local is better for the environment

Shopping local, rather than ordering from a foreign country, shortens the manufacturer to consumer journey. With no need to travel hundreds or even thousands of air miles, the carbon footprint of shipping is much smaller, especially if you collect or buy in store.

We source our fabric from Europe, which is then transformed into our signature mix-and-match styles by cutters, machinists and seamstresses working in South London. We stock our clothing in the same building where it is made and also fulfill orders from here to remove an additional step of transportation. For every order placed, we plant a tree to help offset the carbon emitted from shipping. We also use compostable packaging which can be reused for mailing again, fashioned as a food waste liner or composted at home. It’s one of the many ways we actively minimise our impact, a mission common among fellow local businesses. 


Our clothes are made, stored and shipped from the same building


Local businesses create new opportunities 

Local spending fosters entrepreneurship and development and helps to create new jobs. At Wild Clouds, we’re proud to pay our makers the London Living Wage and be part of a growing number of businesses committed to fair wages. 


Looking to shop local?

That’s not the only way to support a local business! You could leave a positive review, sign up to their newsletter (a great way to get exclusive discounts and updates!), follow them on social media, give gift cards as presents or recommend them to a friend. Any way is bound to make a small business owner’s day.

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